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          President's Welcome

          Dear Friends,

          I am honored and humbled to serve as the 3rd President of St. Michael’s High School.

          I started working at St. Michael’s as a substitute teacher in the spring of 2009, replacing Brother Peter and teaching Computer Literacy and Keyboarding.  I quickly fell in love with the school, its commitment to excellence, and its students.  After substituting for a spring, I was offered a full time teaching position in the Business Department where I utilized my MBA to teach Marketing, Accounting, Personal Finance, Computer Literacy, and Keyboarding.  Shortly after I was also offered the position of Head Baseball Coach and Director of Admissions & Financial Aid. 

          I valued my time as a teacher and was proud of my success as a Head Baseball Coach, making it to the State Championship in my first year as a head coach.  While those were great times, it was evident that the school could use me in other ways, and I was ready to serve in any capacity needed.  In January 2011, I accepted an administrative position as the Director of Advancement, overseeing fundraising, admissions & financial aid, marketing & communications, capital projects, and advertising.  During this time I forged strong relationships with the Alumni Association, The St. Michael’s Foundation, and the Parents’ Club.  I learned about this incredible school in ways I never imagined.  And in the fall of 2011, my daughter, Erin, started at St. Mike’s, adding “parent” to my various roles, responsibilities, and experiences at the school. In May of 2017, Erin graduated and started attending the University of Georgia. Add "alumni parent" to the list of roles. 

          The Lasallian Mission is near and dear to my heart: “To give a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor and under-privileged.” I grew up in a single parent household and my mother did her best, but times were tough and I went through events that many high school students shouldn’t have to experience. 

          Exciting times are ahead for St. Michael’s. While the educational landscape in Santa Fe is as competitive as it’s ever been, St. Michael’s is very stable.  But l need to be honest… I’m not here to help St. Mike’s “be stable” and maintain the status quo.  I’m here to help the school thrive, to exceed expectations, to grow while others are stale, to innovate where others are not, and to make sure this school remains the most historic, yet dynamic and forward- thinking institution in the state of New Mexico.  From our faculty, staff, cafeteria, and grounds crew to our coaches and donors – inspired standards in academic excellence, community service, and our social impact in Santa Fe upon us.  Our community needs more St. Michael’s students and the future of our community depends on our ability to thrive now – today. 

          Our physical spaces are “experienced,” but our students are as vibrant and zealous as ever. Our faculty and staff are motivated by making a difference in the lives of their students which is evidenced by 100% of our students being accepted to college and 99% of them attending in the semester immediately following graduation. In the past 3 years the number of students to receive financial assistance has grown from 18% to 33% percent and our average assistance package has grown by 50%.  We’re consistently recognized by our sense of community and the family atmosphere felt in our hallways, classrooms, practice fields, and life beyond. 

          Community members often ask me, “what makes a St. Michael’s student different?”  It’s an easy answer – they are the most well-rounded students in Santa Fe.  We have socially conscious students who can talk about religion and art and relate it to pop culture. We have football players that can speak to stock market fluctuations, but also play the piano and volunteer for their church.  Our students know how to make eye contact, shake hands, say, “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir” and, have the confidence to speak to the mayor over a formal dinner, and the work ethic to chop firewood out of the back of a truck in the Pecos Canyon.  Our graduates are the candidates you want to hire, even if you don’t have an open position.  We’re not the most historic school in New Mexico by fluke.  We’re getting it right, and because one of our core values is Inclusive Community, you can be a part of it too.

          Thank you for visiting our website.  I’d love to meet you and talk to you about making St. Michael’s more accessible to all who seek it.

           My best,

          Taylor Gantt

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